House Coal Fuel

Starting May 1st 2023, the UK government has now prohibited the domestic sale of ‘house coal’ (also known as Bituminous coal) in England.

You can still purchase house coal in England if you are a working farm or business; you’ll sign a declaration form via email to process the order.

There is no change in Wales or Scotland.

It’s now time to choose an alternative fuel if you live in England.

You’re in luck, we have a popular range of high-grade fuel alternatives, from smokeless coal to kiln dried logs – we have you covered! Check out Smokeless Fuel.

All orders will be verified prior to dispatch. Any orders for House Coal with an England postcode will be refunded.

If you’d like to discuss our range of fuels, please get in touch.
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Alternatively, email [email protected]

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  • House Coal Trebles (Full Pallet) – Wales & Scotland ONLY*

    1000kg Pallet - 50 x 20KG BagsAdd to basket
  • HOUSE COAL TREBLES (1/2 Pallet) – Wales & Scotland ONLY*

    500kg Pallet - 25 x 20KG BagsAdd to basket

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